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Year 6 Day 299 10:08
Revan Corrus

Why the size of the character portrait is different everwhere, but have the same URL? If I put a picture with size 150x150, it deforms at the General, and at the forum. If I put a picture with size 100x100, it deforms in the Character and the General. And If I put a picture 80x80, at the General is fine, but at the Character and the forum is not. Shouldn't be there different URLs for the three places?

Year 6 Day 299 10:31
Why does any of this matter?

It doesn't

Year 6 Day 299 10:56


Year 6 Day 299 11:42
Revan Corrus

Well, if it doesn't matter, why there is such a picture, and Why there is different skins and etc? Why not have one size for all pictures or put 3 URLs?

Edited By: Revan Corrus on Year 6 Day 299 11:46
Year 6 Day 299 14:47
You'll notice I answered your question.


Year 6 Day 300 9:14
Revan Corrus

Sorry, but I can't understand what you're saying. Can you simplify it :)?

Year 6 Day 301 0:20
If you want to have the best looking avatar for public viewing, make it 100x100 as that's the default size, the Character screen is larger and the menu is smaller, those dont really matter because if you want to show a good pic off, they dont see them.


Year 6 Day 302 0:56
Aesthetics just means "To look nice". While generally larger pictures look nicer, we don't want to clog the forums up. So we use a small version on the forums, and an even smaller version under "General" since it loads on *every* IC page we look at. But then to go admire yourself in the mirror, we use the large image under "Character".


Year 6 Day 302 2:20
Revan Corrus

I understand, but using larger picture doesn't look really nice when it has to transform from 150 to 80. That is why I suggested to have different url slots for the different places. In that way, the picture could look everywhere nice :).

Year 6 Day 302 6:44
Ideally, have a crisp 150x150 image as your url. Then, since it's still resized proportionatly, you'll have a nice-looking 80x80 icon. You won't be able to see fine detail, but with only 80 pixels, you're not able to see it even if you started with a beautiful 80x80