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Year 10 Day 218 18:38
I made a prior account and it said I did something incorrectly and I didnt have the chance to go back so i exited the site and reloaded it. But without me knowing it sent me a password. I then made a new account because it said my name was taken. My handle is Cal Robertson so please dont ban me for multi accounts.

Year 10 Day 218 18:42
I will not log in until Im sure its ok for me to do so.

Year 10 Day 218 19:05
K i fixed everything but just incase please dont ban me i have never played before and i was truly having problems with joining.

Year 10 Day 218 19:07
NVM it wont let me log in. I will wait then lol.

Year 10 Day 218 19:35
There is only one account that matches your IP so you should be fine. If you are having login problems, please see the sticky thread in this forum that pertains to your situation for further instructions.



Year 10 Day 218 19:40
Year 10 Day 218 19:45
OK I folllowed all the instructions but its still not allowing me to log in. And that was my fault I double posted srry.

Year 10 Day 218 19:54
Then please give us more information so we can help you. What browser are you using? What error message are you receiving?



Year 10 Day 218 19:57
There isnt an error message it just refreshes the page after I enter the correct pw and name.

Year 10 Day 218 20:11
And my first question? :p What browser are you using?



Year 10 Day 218 20:12
Uh.....idk im not the greatest is that like internet explorer or firefox? :p

Year 10 Day 218 20:37
Cal Robertson

Hey Syn thanks for the help I finally got in lol

Year 10 Day 218 21:43
Awesome, have fun.