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Year 10 Day 220 5:50
Jahat Volrath

I have seen a lot of related topics but in my quick scan i saw nothing to this degree. Is there any benefit for a person to own their own R&D, Recycle, or shipyard station other than to sell it back off for a possible profit?

-It doesn't seem like a single person could use any of these to actually produce anything without the Data Cards although I heard ,what are probably rumors, that an R&D can be used to research certain ships and items without the DC's?

- it just seems that the only people who can actually produce anything or factions and that is probably because of the huge expense to run these facilities as well as the cost of materials?

-Final question regarding stations, it read that no income can be made from them, but is there a list of what type of NPC's are required to run each station, or has this not yet been implemented into the game?

Sorry for all the questions, and i look forward to hearing from someone.

Year 10 Day 220 6:02
R&D doesn't exist yet, so anything you heard about how it functions is wrong. :p Production does indeed require a datacard, but you could just have it assigned to the factory/station by a faction; you don't need to own the datacard yourself.

But the key thing is that an individual still needs to rely on a faction if they want their factory/station/other to be functional (the specific conditions are listed here). This is intentional, because SWC is designed around factions, so freelancers can't step on their toes in regard to the jobs for which factions exist in the first place.

NPCs are not required to run stations, beyond the specific types that are needed for specific tasks (workers for production, builders for construction..) and that information is on the Civil NPC Rules if you want to see the complete listing.



Year 10 Day 220 9:21
Jahat Volrath

Thanks for the feedback