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Year 10 Day 221 17:41
Lars Mino

I am just curios about controlling planets. Say a plaent has two slabs on it out of 100 total, yet is not controlled by a faction. I am aware that anyone can buy slabs, but how would a faction seize control? Would they just have to pruchase three slabs or 51? Lastly if the majority are owned by a pc, can he or she assign them to a faction, which in turn might allot for that faction to govern the planet?

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Year 10 Day 221 18:02
You just need 1 slab, with a Flat(something peopel live on) and a Power Generator to keep the facilities powered.

EX of Flats: Personal Residences, Semi Detached Houses and High Rise Building 50 Flats

Also for the 2nd question, that is a yes. A PC can only own the whole planet if he/she has slabbed the entire planet. On the other hand if you only have 1 slab, give it to a faction that makes it restricted for others to build there.

Year 10 Day 221 18:09
Lars, the only thing you need for planetary control is for a faction to own 51% of the flats on the planet, and for them to be powered. Slabs are neither here nor there. The only thing the slabs are useful for is for building more flats and power gens to either get more than the 51% to keep control, or if you are the 'attacking' faction, it will allow you to remove the current factions control, allowing you to lay more slabs, so you can build more flats to take control.


Year 10 Day 221 19:14
In addition to Maziel's post, it is important to note that you cannot assign faciities for control. You actually have to make them over to the faction you want to hold your planet. Which means that you need to trust that faction (/leader) to give those facilities back if you ever ask for them.


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Year 10 Day 221 20:34
Lars Mino

Okay thanks for the info everyone!