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Year 10 Day 221 20:16
I cant login into anithing.... I am trying to make my character but it goes to the login page n keeps doing this over n over...

Can some one help me on this problem?....

Year 10 Day 221 21:03
Have you tried doing the things listed in the Sticky threads?

Otherwise, do you get the 'Session Expired' text when it logs you out?


Year 10 Day 221 21:52
were you sent your password and everything? and did you enter all the letters in the correct case? (a, A, b, B)

Year 10 Day 222 10:58
it says session expired n i did write down the correct password

Year 10 Day 222 11:07
What's your handle?



Year 10 Day 222 21:04
mi handle is Drone Sinder

Year 10 Day 223 2:21
Added a login exception for you; that should clear up the 'session expired' error.



Year 10 Day 223 15:35
ok it did but now it refreshes n i tried the sticky threads so the last 1 i cant do, i did all the others but i cant do the last one so i guess this is goodbye :(

Year 10 Day 223 23:09
Why can't you use Firefox? It doesn't replace Internet Explorer or anything, and you don't need to set it as your default browser.



Year 10 Day 224 16:52
it seems i cant download/use it... i think i might be doing it wrong... can u send me instructions on how u would download/use firefox? i had it before but this cp wus my sisters n she moved away so she gave me this cp n rebooted it so i dont even know how to download it...

Year 10 Day 232 20:24
it keep telling me on the password reset th7at my accont needs activation and i am not getting it

Year 10 Day 232 20:57
That means your account hasn't been approved yet.. Be patient, and open your own thread in the future.