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Archives » Buying off the Galactic Market
Year 10 Day 222 2:38
Hello Admins,

today I was attempting to purchase some items off the Galactic Market (8 Datacards were listed at 10:30 GMT). I was in a commerce center, (Commerce Centre [TF] Mos Eisley Commerce Center), and attempted to add the datacards to the cart. no matter how many times I try, I cannot add items to the cart, and therefore cannot purchase items. How can this be resolved?

Edit: I seem to only be having trouble adding Datacards to the cart, not regular items.

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Year 10 Day 222 3:13
Ka`rla Leakey

As I understand it, there very presence is a bug as they cannot be bought.

Year 10 Day 222 5:34


Avid Soyak
Asst Simmaster

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Year 10 Day 222 5:58
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Ethan Weber
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Year 10 Day 222 13:45
The galactic market still has a few bugs, so if you see something insanely cheap, I wouldn't recommend purchasing it. The datacards, for example, would cost a heck of a lot more than the few credits it was listed for on the market.

Year 10 Day 222 17:57
Actually Foop, they probably wouldn't - at least not that much. The NPC market goes by the rules values, not the open market, so everything there will be significantly lower than you would expect to pay on something like CPM.


Year 10 Day 222 18:18
Deleted Post
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Year 10 Day 222 23:26
Gitane Z Demone

Those appear to be from the Govt that reverted then dissolved. They probably showed up due to them having a physical presence.



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Year 10 Day 224 7:55
Thanks for clearing this up for me.


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