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Year 10 Day 223 12:29
I went inactive quite a while ago while piloting the YV-666 HRS Macquarie and have now lost the ability to control the ship, which kinda sucks since I have no idea where I am, and cannot exit.
Was wondering if someone in the Hapes Consortium could send someone to drop me so I can get back into the game? If you could, that would be greatly appreciated, as Id rather not bother the admin, though if one of them could drop me, that would be good too.
Thanks for reading =D

Year 10 Day 223 13:17
You might be better off trying the HC forums, or sending a message to someone listed on their website as being an appropriate contact individual. Most groups understand people sometimes need to go inactive, and they should be quite willing to help you out.


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Year 10 Day 224 4:36
Ive tried looking for some sort of contact details on their website, but couldnt find any, so I resorted to posting here... =(
If someone could tell me where to contact them I would be appreciative =)

Year 10 Day 224 8:59
You oculd just resort to sending a message to the leader, thats always listed on the SWC faction list. Otherwise, messaging any of their high command or their version of it would work.


Year 10 Day 224 17:00
Please send me a dm with all of the information about this, and I'll try to help get things sorted out.

Edit: Things are sorted out.

Edited By: Mantra Sardis on Year 10 Day 228 19:52
Year 10 Day 228 19:59
For future reference, you could always hit the "Contact Owner" button from your "Position" tab in the right hand column. Really good, if its not faction owned anyway.