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Year 10 Day 224 9:50
River Trueshot

I've done some searching for information on them and can't find anything other than a nice description under rules section. The description does not say what they actually do to increase performance of mining etc.

There is also nothing in the mining rules page to indicate they do add value to mining. Are they for roleplay purposes or do they serve a real function?

I've read in the archives that there was talk about there purpose but nothing conclusive.

I've read in the suggestion section that it was proposed they should reduce mining collapses, again, I didn't see any resolution on what was determined they would do.

I've been doing some testing with them and so far haven't seen any value added to mining. They do not increase extraction amounts or reduce extraction times or cost. Whether they do help with mining collapses is a little more difficult to quantify as mining collapses are random.

Does anyone know exactly what they do?

Year 10 Day 224 10:12
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

I don't know exactly what they do (equation wise), but they increase odds of finding a new deposit during extraction and decrease collapsing odds.

Year 10 Day 224 10:23
Xavze Zavan

5% less chance of collapse and 5% more chance of new vein discovery.This intended as a temporary equation until something more complex and combine like was invented.

Never did receive an answer to whether that was per droid or per mine.Experience seems to say per mine maxed at 5%...ala more droids don`t increase the %


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Year 10 Day 224 10:46
River Trueshot

Ok, thanks for the info. I guess I'll leave my 12 droids I put on a mine and the other ones I have 2 on and see if there is a difference in new deposits or not.

I appreciate the feedback.