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Year 10 Day 224 18:45
I'm trying to figure out how to move an npc from a freighter into a fighter. How do I do that?

Year 10 Day 224 18:47
If it's a single-seater fighter, I don't believe you can at the moment. Otherwise, put them into your party and move in there with them.


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Year 10 Day 224 18:50
it is. putting them in the party doesn't seem to do it.. If I kicked him, would that put him there, or what it kick him out to space, you think?

Year 10 Day 224 20:57
So ita a single seater fighter then? In which case you cannot, as Hal said. NPCs can only be moved by being in your party, and if there is only room for you, you cannot get them in.

Are you trying to get it to be NPC controlled? In which case you do not need an NPC, just to set it to NPC controlled in the inventory when you are in the same space with a similar fighter.