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Year 10 Day 226 1:55
Rowan Bakaeras

I'm trying to load meleenium from a mine onto my hauler. It's got heaps of space left, loads of volume left, I go into the mine management area and try to load even 1000 tons of meleenium onboard (remembering to tick the correct destination ship, inputting the correct amount) and it refuses. Please help.


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Year 10 Day 226 2:38
Are you just reading the text box wrong and putting in 1000 thinking that T, when in actuality that is the number of units and so would be 14kT? Since load limits have been removed it cannot be that. I am also guessing you have access to the hauler (ie on crewlist/pilot etc?


Year 10 Day 226 8:02
Yeah, I'd check to make sure you're not trying to load the wrong amount. If that's not it, what error message does it give you when it says you can't do it?

Year 10 Day 226 11:22
Xavze Zavan

You will generally use up your weight limit with RMs and have lots of volume left


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