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Archives » I'm suddenly stuck on a ship?
Year 10 Day 227 21:48
Zachary Pullini

I was leaving a building in the HQ area of my faction, and now I'm stuck on the Victory Star Destroyer Vigilance, I have no idea how i got on here and the docking bay is closed so I can't get off. Can anybody tell me what happened or what to do or how i can get help?

Year 10 Day 228 0:50
Not sure how you ended up on it (unless you're arrested or a member of the faction which owns it? I wouldn't imagine many VSD would have an open crewlist). But you can always try contacting the owner if you're stuck. In each room within the desciption panel there should be a button you can click to message the vessel's owner.

If it's owned by your faction perhaps you're being transported somewhere and were kicked onto the ship by a superior while you're offline? If so then you'd have a event saying you were kicked onto it afaik. Perhaps try speaking to your faction leader/s too and enquire.


Year 10 Day 228 0:56
Ka`rla Leakey

Is it perhaps related to:

Me in the bugbase

Year 10 Day 228 6:12
Zachary Pullini

Well i'm not sure if my faction owns it, though i don't think they do considering one of the faction members response when i asked about it.

As for the offline thing that's not what happened because i was online, and just exited the hq building and all of a sudden i was on it...

And i'm pretty sure i'm not arrested as far as I can tell.

I tried contacting him yesterday morning but no response so far, docking bay closed so i can't leave... Idk what to do, except wait for a response at this point....

Year 10 Day 228 8:17
Vigilance sounds like an Imperial ship name, so either you were arrested and added to the ship (which you would have Combat events for) or it's another case of the teleportation bug.

Year 10 Day 228 8:57
Zachary Pullini

Teleportation bug?

Well that sounds like what it is, but I do not have combat events, i'm not arrested from what I can see.

If it was the teleportation bug what should I do?

Year 10 Day 228 10:34
I don't know anything about the bug but I imagine if you can't physically leave the ship (and you're not arrested) it must be either in transit or sitting up in the atmosphere/in orbit. You'll just have to speak to whoever's controlling the vessel and ask to get dropped back on the ground so you can exit or hop onto another ship.

Year 10 Day 228 10:49
Zachary Pullini

I've tried and i've gotten no response in two days

Year 10 Day 228 11:03
Only other things you could do I guess is contact someone with some authority in whatever faction owns the vessel, if that can be determined.

Otherwise if you know the location of the ship (maybe it's close to where you were beforehand? - I don't know how the bug works) you could have someone you know or someone from your faction come find the ship and pull up alongside, once you're added to the crewlist you can hop onboard. That's if you have a general idea where you are and they can find you.

Unless the admins will help out somehow if it's a bug issue that's got you trapped. I don't know what their policy is with that. *is naive*

Edited By: Erica Ferrari on Year 10 Day 228 11:04

Year 10 Day 228 11:11
Zachary Pullini

Well I have no idea where this ship is, and only way i can think of to figure out who owns the VSD vigilance is by asking the owner whom is not responding,

And I have no idea where i am or where I could be at the moment...

Year 10 Day 228 11:40
If you are trapped on a ship due to a bug, you need to use the Bug Report Form (at the bottom of the right hand menu) to file a report on your situation so that someone can look into it and move you where you're supposed to be.


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