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Year 10 Day 232 13:26
I am new and all I know how to do is fly in my ship and walk around. I am in a faction. I got some items but I would like to know how to put them in different places on my character or in my ship. I would also like to know how to get some different items like some bacta shots. Or something like that.


Year 10 Day 232 16:41
Xian Kan

To put on items just click on items when in your position interface. (click position on the right side of screen, then click items on the left side) You should see the items, if you are in the same room. Then you click stow, and select where you want to keep them.

As for getting items, you can buy them from other characters by using things like Centrepoint market (http://market.centrepointstation.com/index.php), or by buying them from a faction that makes them.

But to buy them you need money, so save your salary, and don't spend it all in one place.

Don't be afraid to ask people in your faction for help with this. That's what they're there for. :P

Year 10 Day 232 18:52
To add to the above, items in your inventory on the right can't necessarily be added to your person straight away. You have to be in the same room/grid before you can put them on as above.

Additionally, when putting them on, you don't have to stow them - there will be an option to put them onto various sections of your body with a drop down list underneath the item.


Year 10 Day 235 7:52
What if I already have some items equipped? How can I stow them on my ship or change their location on my person like my staff is on my back but how can I hold it in my hand?


Year 10 Day 235 8:18
If you have an item equipped and you want to switch its position or drop it, click on the item, and it'll display all of the options for it. Staves are two-handed, so if you are already carrying something in one hand you will only see the options to drop or stow it.



Year 10 Day 235 9:18
I am in my ship. I went to item and then stow and it says to select a container. Does my ship not have a container? I have to get one?


Year 10 Day 235 9:22
Your ship acts as a container if you just want to drop the items on the floor. If you want to store them in something, then yes, you'll need to buy a trunk/backpack/locker to put them into.

Year 10 Day 235 9:29


Year 10 Day 235 9:33
Ok. now I figured out how to drop and exchange hands with my items.
So where can I go to buy some more epuipment? Is there a marketplace I can fly to or something? Can anyone give me some coordinates to a place I can go?


Year 10 Day 235 12:49
There is Centrepoint Marketplace which is the main marketplace in SW Combine. You have to register though to be able to use it. Other alternatives are the Classifieds which you will find in the comlink section or the Auction House and Commerce section in the RPG Centre.

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Year 10 Day 235 13:19
Take a look at the trading section of the Guide, linked at the top of each page, for a trading walkthrough.



Year 10 Day 239 17:15
Thanks Syn, I think I am figuring this out.


Year 10 Day 243 8:03
Ok here are some more questions I would like some advice on.

First off I was wondering what it takes to build different objects. What do you need to do to get started and what are the prerequisites to do so.

Build ships

build facilities

Build items including medical items

building droids... etc.


Year 10 Day 243 8:05
For instance. If I wanted to build an Ithorian herd ship. What would it take to get me started? Am I able to build a ship in the faction I am in or do I need to be in a ship building faction?


Year 10 Day 243 8:59
The Rules page for Production should answer all of those questions.


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