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Archives » Weight Issues: Or, Why am I able to cram more into my pockets than should feasibly fit
Lamy Homo

So, this long title is indeed ridiculous, but I guess it's there for a reason.

The problem that I'm looking for clarification is how it is possible to fit 10 empty bulk freighters into an MSH, but after filling each of the bulk freighters, the extra weight due to the loads in the bulks is not taken into account. This means, I can at most fit 10 empty bulks into my MSH, and then fill all of the bulks with mats, and then dock them into my MSH, despite the total weight being much more than the weight restriction on the ship.

Why was this never fixed? Or what logic behind it am I missing?


Presumably you turn the gravity off in your cargo hold?

Lamy Homo

That only makes sense if you're in space. What about the case of the XL that can land. You can have it on the surface of the planet with the same situation.


Lamy Homo

I also hate when people double post, but:

An SSD has the following stats:
Weight Cap: 275,000 T
Volume Cap: 4,500,000 m³

With these stats you can fit 17 Bulk freighters into it.

A bulk freighter:
Weight Cap: 100,000 T
Volume Cap: 135,000 m³

Basically this means you can fit 17 the bulk listing in an SSD. If you do that math it is:

Weight Cap: 1,700,000
Volume Cap: 2,295,000

This effectively allows you to carry 6 times the weight as an SSD should be allowed.


Protip: It's a game.

I believe your looking into the issue a little too much Lamy...

Edited By: Mike Que-Kara on Year 10 Day 233 17:28

That and the admins have already said that calculating the weight of things inside containers inside another container would be too much work and database intensive. THink how much it owuld need it you had some ammo, inside a belt inside a bakpack, inside a locker, inside a vehicle, inside another vehicle, inside a ship, inside another ship, and finally inside that MSH. And then for each item, ship, vehicle etc inside those.


Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

That excuse would have totally flown if they hadn't done just that for items carried on your person.

A simple solution would be to just publically declare doing this is here on after a golden rules violation. :)

Protip for mike: no one likes a douchebag. Trust me, I'm the expert.

This isn't a suggestion forum though, so I suppose someone will come by to close this soon enough.

Why was this never fixed? Or what logic behind it am I missing? 

Looks like a question to me. Who's the douchebag now, Ten? ;)

It's presumably easier to calculate the item weights on one person than it is to calculate the weights on a bunch of people, as well as the vehicle they're on, the ship that's on, the other ship that's on that's holding even more ships, etc.

Lamy Homo

That's fine with me with Items, but we make special rules regarding mats all the times (Faction Capital), why not make this another one. Where the weight of all ships and vehicles are modified by the weight of mats they carry? No one fills a bulk freighter with armor, but they do with mats. If the weight of mats affected the ship, it would solve this problem.


Year 10 Day 234 11:26
The question why this is not done was already answered correctly by Aubec; that has always been the reasoning given, since calculating the contents of a container inside a trunk inside a vehicle inside a YT-1210 inside a YV-666 inside a VSD, for example, is problematic. It's not just one level of weight calculation.

To try to offer alternatives for this issue, please use the Suggestions forum. "Well, why don't we just do this instead?" is a suggestion, and not really a question.