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Archives » Thrown Weapons and Explosives
Year 10 Day 234 10:16
Icarus Carinae
Icarus Carinae
I'm trying to figure out some stats as their stated currently, I know in the future as more things get added and we slowly become more ready for combat many item stats will change, but what I'm asking is based on the current listed stats and or already proclaimed changes made by the administration.

The Recommended Skill level for Thrown weapons, is this based off a 100% accuracy rating, and what skill is the determining factor. The equation given is for distance and makes no mention of accuracy and the RS has no apparent effect on the distance thrown equation.

Next, are C-22 and Class-A Thermal Detonators misplaced, or specifically placed in the explosives section for a region, based on the stats they seem like throw-able weapons especially since I see no skill involved in the act of pressing a button, but skill needed for accurately "tossing" it

Any clarification would be great and again I know Combats not out, its not going to be out soon, things can and will change, yet I still really need to know, thank you.

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Year 10 Day 234 10:23
If it isn't listed in the rules, then nobody can give you more than their best guess.


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Year 10 Day 234 16:04
Yeah I think that one is in the "Wait and see" basket.


Year 10 Day 235 6:44
Cesodevo Avina
Cesodevo Avina
As far as the skill requirements go, majority of people seem to say "unknown at this point", but the answer is actually more visible.

The answer as-is is (Strength + Dexterity) / 2, with the result being rounded down.
It isn't an answer everyone will be satisfied with, but it is more of an answer than "unknown at this point".

In skill-based scenarios, I use the above equation to determine success or failure.

As far as your questions regarding C-22s and Thermal Detonators go, they were indeed at one point in the "Thrown" category, but roughly a year or so ago (give or take a few months) they were moved into the "explosives" section because of the Nova needed to build it. Since there were so few of them, all items needing Nova (and Nova is only useful for explosives - before the implementation of Nova Crystals, at least) as material were boxed together and labeled as "explosives".

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Year 10 Day 235 7:37
It's extremely possible that all the equations that have anything to do with Combat are going to be reworked entirely when said feature is actually close to implementation, Ceso.

Year 10 Day 235 8:20
Cesodevo Avina
Cesodevo Avina
It isn't an answer everyone will be satisfied with, but it is more of an answer than "unknown at this point". 

Restated for correctness. :P

Year 10 Day 236 7:19
Icarus Carinae
Icarus Carinae
I believe everyone restated what I already said. But I'd need to quote my entire post to point out everything you guys repeated that I already stated. Ceso however answered one of my questions and said that my guess was correct.

Now all I need is the higher probability of which skill sets subtracts accuracy.

Non-Projectile Weapons (unlikely)
Strength (unlikely)
Dexterity (maybe)
STR/DEX combo (maybe)
something else? (maybe)

51% / 49% is good, I don't care I'd like further opinions to help decide my own. I need this for probably obvious reasons if you think about it.

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Year 10 Day 238 11:10
Cesodevo Avina
Cesodevo Avina
There does not appear to be anything regarding accuracy improvement in the rules, however, there is a note (on the same page I linked to earlier) under "Skill Requirements" stating that for each skill point you are missing, you suffer a 15% accuracy penalty and a 1-hour fire delay.
So since accuracy penalties are being linked to weapon skills, it can be assumed (albeit unconfirmed because it isn't present in the rules) that potential accuracy bonuses would also be linked to weapon skills. I'd presume that the effect would be mirrored, ie 1 skill point above the recommended skill would give you a 15% accuracy bonus. That is purely hypothetical though.

After typing all this, I just noticed that you were asking about accuracy subtraction, not addition...yeah, weapon skills determine if you have an accuracy penalty or not. See the "skill requirements" area on above pasted link.


Time to go to war with the Flame Tigers!
Year 10 Day 241 18:42
So at this point in time, for both the 'Thrown' and '(Planted) Explosives' categories of weapons, all we really know is the 'relative' skill level of an as yet undefined/unimplemented skill or combination of skills?

For example we know that the recommended expertise to properly plant a Thermal Bomb will be four (4) while the recommended expertise to plant Blastick will be only one (1). But we don't know if there will be a brand new skill for planting explosive devices, or if it will be based off of one or more existing skills.

Year 10 Day 241 21:38
Or if every single one of those numbers will be adjusted long before combat is actually coded (hint: they probably will be).

Closing this since it's becoming general discussion and the question has been answered repeatedly.