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Me and my friends have been roleplaying star wars for about a year now, started off on the combine fourms but then used other sites for more freedom in fourm RPGs (But we all still use combine for the other stuff) so I decided to working on a video game of our past adventures but I need to find their images of when they started out on the fourms and I know most of them were options you got when deciding your race but whenever I look under race info it won't show me all the images offerd to you when you start as that race.

If someone can tell of me a place on combie that I can obtain these images from I will really appreciate it.

Note: Please do not recomend I post this in General Help. I would of but I was banned from that fourm because me and a certain moderator did not agree with each other. Nothing against the rules but enough to piss off one of his friends. I won't get in detail.

Manage charachter, then view charachter creation?

Yeah. Use the Character link on the right, and then choose the [Character Creation] option at the top. However, you will have to go through several pages assigning skill points etc before you can get to the stage where you choose the image.

Alternatively, if you happen to have an NPC of the same race, in the inventory, go to the [Edit NPC] option and it will show all the images of that race that you can use.

Remember that there are different images for the different sexes...


You can also view all of the NPC images manually, via the race ID. For example, this is a Yamrii NPC:

To view the other Yamrii NPCs, you would change the "m1" part of the filename to "m2", "f1", etc (m = male, f = female, just in case that's not obvious).

To view different races, just change the "39" to the race ID number, which is at the end of their address on the Rules page.


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Magnum, you were banned for repeatedly making argumentative posts rather than providing any sort of useful input to the forum. This board is for requesting or providing help, and not for picking fights.



It is requesting help.

I just explained why it was not on other fourms. If I was going to pick a fight I would of said who I fought with and insulted him but I didn't.

As for everyone else who posted thanks.


Yes, this thread is fine. I'm countering the ambiguous attack or incorrect assumption (depending on your motive) you made in your first post by pointing out that wasn't the reason for the ban.

Please do leave me a DM if you have anything to add on the subject. Locking this in the meantime since you've received your answer, to prevent further discussion.