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Archives » I cant use part of my own name on this game?

I think somethings might have to change with the naming system.
My real name is Bishop and I cant use it?
Bishop is not just a title its a name. Darth and Count and Pope I can understand, but guys.... I dont understand why I CANT put in my own name? I am sure this must be a mistake and the discrimination is just a mistake. If my name was John Smith, I am sure I might be able to have my name as a character.

Thanks for your help.

I'm going on vacation from tomorrow so any reply today would be helpful.

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Deleted by Syn. Reason: invalid - not possible to apply with single-name handle
Bishop as a first name would be declined for the reason you likely received via e-mail, just as Prince, Sir, or Count as a first name would be declined. Whether your first name really is Bishop, Prince, Sir, or Count is not relevant. We frequently decline RL references because this is intended to be a unique universe, so insisting that all real names should be allowed isn't really an applicable argument to science-fiction. While we do discourage players from using their real names on the internet, many real names are approved nonetheless, as long as they conform to our naming standards.

Bishop as a surname might be accepted, on the other hand. I would certainly approve it, provided the first name doesn't transform it into something that doesn't resemble a name. Without knowing what you applied with, I couldn't say.