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Archives » Fluttercraft and ionic damage
Year 10 Day 239 11:06
While considering the combat potential of the fluttercraft, I noticed that it (realistically) had no ionic capacity, and this got me wondering: If it got hit with an ion cannon, would it be destroyed?

Of course, this is a combat question and subject to speculation, but It'd appear to me to be invulnerable to ionic attack. Does anybody think/know otherwise?

Year 10 Day 239 15:52
Christian Hall
Christian Hall
I'd say nothing would happen.

Year 10 Day 239 17:49
Given that none of the combat stuff has been determined yet, I would say that ionic damage wouldn't affect it. But who knows.


Year 10 Day 239 18:50
It would (from my understanding of it) lose all electrical systems and cease to function. Damage itself would most likely depend on whether it was in mid flight or stationary, as ionic damage doesn't do "physical" damage. (Or at least as far as I understand it.)

And this could easily change in the 75 years it's going to take to get to SOON.


Year 10 Day 239 18:57
Mozinwrath, it HAS no ionic damage. Probably because it's considered to be too technologically primitive to have electrical system to be damaged - at a guess. Either that or the whole thing is an oversight.

It would stand to reason that a vessel without an ionic capacity would be invulnerable to ionic attack. Of course, logic does not always apply around here.


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