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Year 6 Day 301 22:34
Salacious Raab

I have looked, so if this is answered in another thread plz just direct me.

Morale effect of facilities is shown under Planetary Economy where they are catagorised as U, V, W & X.

Q: If U are the positive morale facilities and V, W & X the negative, then why do some that appear in U also appear in the others?
If a facility has a positive effect on morale then how can it have a negative effect at the same time?

Sry if the answer is staring at me in the form of the morale equation but maths isnt my strong point so a simplified explanation would be appreciated.
(Teniel Djo, No crayon drawings plz, thx all the same...)



Year 6 Day 302 0:31
pointed Vey this way.


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Year 6 Day 302 0:40


Year 6 Day 302 1:44
The buildings influence are different then. v = /1, w/2, x/4. If they combine it with u then they can make different midifiers like /1.5 and /3.


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Year 6 Day 302 10:11
Salacious Raab

OK Jabba that kinda makes sense I see where your coming from... still mulling it over and waiting on Vey.

Thankyou for not disappointing me Teniel. Btw, if it was possible to fall in love with an avatar then im smitten...


[thinks carefully about what he's just said and heads off to seek medical advice...perhaps therapy]


Year 6 Day 304 4:16
Will check this when I get time.


Sim Master Veynom

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Year 6 Day 304 7:43
Salacious Raab

No probs.. I appreciate you're a bit busy at the moment...

While I'm waiting I'd like to pose another question that you may be able to answer when you've time for all this.

Q. Why under Crime Rates, do the Port and Casino facilities reduce crime?

It just seems a bit incongruous.

Thx, Sal

Btw- spelling mistake in 2.2 Crime Rates under Facility [B] - fountain


Year 6 Day 307 19:07
Garven Stalwart

Have you seen security at a Casino? I think it adds to the security of things as it is a target but secured to counter. More security, more protection. Only a higher level crook would try to rob it right? (Successfully rob it I might say)

This is what I think they were going for.

In the moral equation the buildings in the top and bottom increase the volume of building so that when you do add a slave market at 4X the negative rate the normal buildings at 1 over 1 are considered in the affect of the negative moral building.

If you look you have building in both top and bottom and then some in one of the other.

The following is applied per building area unit. [3x3 building = 9, and 1x1 = 1, etc.]
Equation Factor (x units) – group references for buildings – affect on Equation
1/0 – U but no V, W, or X - (help)
1/1 – U and V - (base volume of Equation)
1/2 – U and W - (slight bad)
1/4 – U and X - (none – N/A)
0/1 – No U and V - (Bad)
0/2 - No U and W - (Double Bad)
0/4 - No U and X - (Very Bad or Bad x 4!).

Note: No building is double listed in two of the ‘bottom groups’ – V, W, and X.
It would have a double negative affect if made that way later.

So if moral is dropping then the 1/0 will help and 1/1 make things less bad as the negative is shared by more total buildings [Remember this is building units so a 1x1 is 1/9 the help of a 3x3, and so no.]
If moral is very high then you know you can build that 0/4 building and still have high moral for that part of the tax/facility income equation.

Hope it helps,


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Year 6 Day 308 7:30
Salacious Raab

Garven your either brilliant or tragically misguided and misinformed. Im voting for the former as your explanation regarding morale makes sense and I understand it fully - thankyou. (I'm sure theres more too it but I'm happy!)

As for Crime Rate and Casinos/Ports - I find it hard to accept your security argument. I dont want to turn this into a argument/counter argument thread so im not going to post an exhaustive list of why I think the opposite.

My intention was not to argue the point and make the admins reconsider their rules - rather, I am just seeking a clarification of why those two facilities are listed as crime reducing when they would be more appropriately placed in the other group that increases crime, or at least list them as having a neutral effect.

Kudos to you though Garven for the Morale info, thanks again,



Year 6 Day 308 11:32
Garven Stalwart

You are most welcome.

I know you’re not trying to argue. Whatever you and I think the Admin’s will let you know. I'm not an admin just trying to help after looking into it for myself. Your latter option of me may be all to true. :p

Question on why Casino decreases crime not increases still stands in this thread.

Thanks all,


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Year 6 Day 328 17:06
Garven Stalwart

Bump for Veynom.

[Would like his view as well.] :)


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Year 7 Day 6 15:20
Garven Stalwart

Bump for Veynom

Veynom: "Will check this when I get time." 

No rush, take your time. :)


“You are part of the Corporate Alliance and a trader. Trade this you may.” -Satisfied Customer #3528.