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Year 10 Day 239 21:24
If your inside a ship owned by another player, and said player gets deleted from being inactive, what happens to you and the ship? does it become the managers or pilots?


Year 10 Day 239 22:37
Presumably it would be the same as if the person had died - so it would be made over to the pilot, or commander if there was no pilot assigned. And if neither it would be sent to the NPC Market.


Year 10 Day 240 4:55
And then when someone buys the ship on the NPC market, and your inside, your gonna be a Twi'lek slave boy! Ha!

But no, it could be bad.


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Year 10 Day 240 21:12
thanks for clearing that up for me


Year 10 Day 241 14:06
But isn't the only way for someone to be deleted by inactivity if they haven't even gone up a level yet? Seems very unlikely someone would OWN a ship without even reaching one level... when I started I WALKED the first level and a half until someone from my faction picked me up.
After leveling up you won't be deleted you just kinda... float around. And your ship stays your ownership....

Year 10 Day 241 14:09
It's entirely possible that someone could donate enough to get CPs to spawn their own ship and not reach level 1. Or enter a newbie raffle and win one. Or be given one by some older player who thinks that giving newbies their own ships right off the bat is a good thing. So it is possible. Unlikely, yes, but possible.


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