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Year 10 Day 241 19:43
its been over a day and i havent recieved an email for my account and i did every thing required in the other threads

Year 10 Day 241 21:39
So what did Lost Password say?



Year 10 Day 241 21:55
That your account hasnt been activated yet

Year 10 Day 242 6:17
Then it hasn't yet been approved by a member of the Join Team. All accounts are approved or declined by hand, by people doing this in their spare time. Be patient; someone should get to yours shortly.

Year 10 Day 242 8:03
Year 10 Day 246 8:11
Whats the deal i used the sites names generator to make a name used the first name from one it gave and the last name from another it gave and i was declined this has happened no matter what name i use used my nick name Bonkerz Bobcat that was refused i don't get it it's a name with no rank etc to it its a real nickname.aside from they how can they reject the names there own name generator make and 4 times at that ?????? am i being personally ruled out for some reason i am trying make accounts for myself and my nephiew,we run a at home network of 4 differant computers and all handles chosen have been rejected.I am going to keep trying names this name generator makes but this is a bit outrageous wasted 7 hours now trying to make a charector that i coulda easilly found something better to do with the time like play the game lol

Year 10 Day 246 8:31
Please open your own thread if you have a problem, and remember that you can't use the name of a character from another universe..