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Archives » Facility build permissions.
Year 10 Day 242 14:03
I own a city and want to build a faction facil. on it, I have faction privs to build it. Am I over looking something? Do I need the faction to approve the construction?

Edited By: Trance Zannagan on Year 10 Day 242 14:13
Year 10 Day 242 14:15
If you own the city, then you need to be the one approving construction for your faction's request. Even if you're the one who's requesting it.


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Year 10 Day 242 14:22
I had a feeling that might be the case. I guess I didn't get those privs when I was given construction.

Year 10 Day 242 14:29
You don't need privs if it's your own personal city. You request the construction permission for the faction as normal, and then you go down to Build Permissions and look at [Facility Requests (Player)].


"May the Grace of Ara go with you, and His Vengeance be wrought upon your enemies."

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Year 10 Day 242 19:10
And you don't need privs to request permission either - that comes with the construction priv.


Year 10 Day 242 21:08
Then I have a wont let me accept the request.


Year 10 Day 242 21:46
Kuro Neko

Are you trying to be owner of the facility as you go to build, or will the faction own it as construction starts? I believe if it's a faction specific facility, then the faction will have to own it at the start. Later you can ask for them to pass ownership to you.

Also, some larger types of facility cannot be build on certain types of terrain (e.g. Mountains/Craters/Glaciers: nothing bigger than 5x5.)


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Year 10 Day 242 22:10
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

You can't accept requests because the interface is broken at the moment. It should be fixed in the next sync.

Year 10 Day 243 0:07
It will be fixed at least then (if not earlier).


Year 10 Day 243 22:42
Well that is disconcerning. I was hoping to have my FI city done before the run.

Year 10 Day 244 12:26
Xavze Zavan

A work around is to make the slab over to the faction whose restricted facils you are wanting to build.This isn't an option for everyone though


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Year 10 Day 244 14:08
Hmm..according to Ten the accept is broken. Which would say to everyone, that Builders have to wait for the next sync.


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