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Archives » Space Colony II Shields Weaker?
Year 10 Day 244 22:32
Uther Von Kaldreon

In the General Description of the Space Colony II -

"Though there are no weapons on the Space Colony II there is a larger amount of shielding and armor, leaving it less open to attack."

Yet when you look at the stats compared to the Space Colony I it has double (more then) the hull ... double the ionic capacity .. yet ... half the shields .....

Just wondering if this was a typo in description ... or error in stats?

Edited By: Uther Von Kaldreon on Year 10 Day 245 7:25
Year 10 Day 245 0:03
Stats > Description. Always.


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Year 10 Day 245 0:14
Still, odd though.


Year 10 Day 245 7:29
Uther Von Kaldreon

Well what got me is the it's basically the same as the other in design (just 4 wings) and they removed all the living quarters to change them into storage units which really means they just yanked out the beds and whatever else they threw in there to make it a empty room. Yet at the same time the designer increased the shields/hulls/and ionic capacity to make this station more defensive since it lacked guns. The whole idea was this was to be used as a storage depot for ships on their way in and out of any system. While at the same time still could accommodate some colonist who wanted to live in space.