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Year 10 Day 245 2:51
ever time i try to log into the game on the web it just flashes and showsas if nothing happened i put it in a few different times but an error message appaers saying the handle or password was incorect?

Year 10 Day 245 5:30
In that case, your handle and password most likely don't match what is stored in the database.
Have you tried getting a new password? Also make sure that you type your handle and your password correctly (the password is case-sensitive and some fonts show 1 - number one - and l - letter L - similarly).
If you copy/paste the password, make sure you don't copy any additional whitespaces.


Year 10 Day 245 10:50
ive read some other problems and tryed them the only problem im having is not getting past the refresh or somthing i still cant log in -_-

Year 10 Day 245 12:11
Kendall Holm

You are not on a service that mirrors web pages are you. I had a T-Mobile Wireless account once and what they did was loaded the web page on their servers and sent a snapshot to your computer. well long story short the Combine doesnt like that, it gave me the same problem, but the funny thing was it was T-Mobile that helped me out, so I got a different service from them and now it works fine.


Year 10 Day 245 18:44
no im using a laptop to play games this one just is plane picky about browser games.

Year 10 Day 245 21:24
Kendall Holm

yeah see that was the thing it happened on my laptop too ... and it was because of what I mentioned. I was just checking to see if your service was the same


Year 10 Day 245 22:17
i have cable one -_- and avg virus protection but.....i shut off all the pop up blockers and shut of the virus scanner and protector still coudnt get in so ill just say bye i give up delete me i was soposed to be Wedge Poliens. i wanted to play to fly a ship XD

Year 10 Day 246 0:18
If you don't get any error message (i.e. the page just refreshes without any message), then I'll need your handle to fix your login problem.


Year 10 Day 246 8:30
Handle is Wedge Poliens.

Year 10 Day 246 8:35
Ok, try logging in now please.


Year 10 Day 246 16:53
i tryed to log in again still couldnt the screen still flashes without any changes. is there no change in log in like another page pop up? or is it just all transit on one page?

Year 10 Day 246 23:22
It's all done in a single page. I added you to the login exception list which usually solves this problem, but seeing as it didn't, that might not have been the cause of the problem.

Have you tried any of the steps in the "Problem: I can't log into SWC!" thread?


Year 10 Day 247 9:33
i tryed to change some options like allowing cookies but somthing changed on my laptop its prolly pointless but i looked every where on all my controls and the page i cant find a way to allow cookies in if that might be the only problem there was this other browser game that had the same problem i was able to let cookies in but with this page the option just isnt vissible. so that might be the only problem.

Year 10 Day 247 11:25
Have you tried using Firefox?


Year 10 Day 247 17:16
i dont think i have firfox or how to get it XD that would prolly be one way for me to get in or it would be the same i dunno.

Year 10 Day 247 17:48
Wedge Poliens

i downloaded FireFox and i got to character creation thanks for the help ill let yall know if i have any other problems.


Wedge Poliens
Year 10 Day 277 11:53
I can't log in either. It justs refreshes the login page.

Year 10 Day 277 14:58
Try doing all of the steps listed here: http://www.swcombine.com/forum/thread.php?thread=2198&page=0

I had this problem a little while back, it just randomly started after I played SWC for over 2 years on IE. I switched to Firefox and it worked perfectly.


Year 10 Day 277 18:31
Also, you should make a new post if its still not working after that, with your handle.


Year 10 Day 283 4:41
man i cant log in please help i have firefox and im on a mac and i REALLY REALLY want to play help

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