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Archives » One technical question...
Year 10 Day 246 5:53
I have a Blackberry and had tried to conect SWC from its browser, but when I type my handle and password it always redirects me to the login page. What's the deal, SWC doesn't work on BB browser?

Year 10 Day 246 7:58
Probably a case of the broadcasting tower changing as you move around, the server sees it as you logging off from one computer and logging in with another. You'd probably want to request a session timeout exemption to prevent that. I think, anyway.


Year 10 Day 246 10:07
I've tried SWC from a couple of different phone browsers, and had no trouble. I haven't tried a blackberry, I must admit. I did also have trouble a couple of times based on location (not sure what that was about, unless I was right on a tower border like Ellias says), so you might try logging in from somewhere different than normal, if you've only tried it from one place.


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Year 10 Day 246 10:11
Kendall Holm

I have also tried a few cells ... and I found that only the Smart Phones are able to log in