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Archives » Procedure for gaining access to shielded planets
Hi all,

After having checked the government holosite of the planet I'm trying to land on I found no information or instructions to the question I have so therefor I post here.

I have not yet contacted the government leader because I am hoping for a guaranteed method for success that someone here can suggest.

What is the proper procedure for getting access through a shielded planet? The reason I ask is to be able to retrieve some items I purchased on the galactic market that are on the ground of a fully shielded planet.


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It would depend on the faction. If there is no information on their website (including the forum) then probably a polite DM to the faction leader is the best way to go. Of course, be aware that the answer may be "no", again depending on the faction.


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NPC shuttles can go through shields, try to find a shuttle to the planet.

Philip, thats only if its NPC owned starport on that planet. If not, then it won't work.