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Year 10 Day 248 13:09
I made names but keep being declined and it keeps bugging me. What i need help with, is if someone (even the administrators) could help me get a new name going so i can start playing. I would like words such as: stealth, red, nick, shadow, midnight, elite, and/or hunter. thank-you.

Year 10 Day 248 13:15
Okay, your list of words right there is your problem. Generally, those are not names. Your handle is supposed to sound like a real (or at least, Star Wars real) name, not some cool nickname. From your list you might be able to get something with Nick and Red somewhere in it. The rest of them are pretty well out, at least on their own. You could perhaps try "Nick Redmidnight". You might get that accepted, depending who's looking at requests at the time.


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Year 10 Day 248 13:21
I understand. thank-you for helping. If you could think of any more names then it would be helpful.

Year 10 Day 248 15:42
Cyrus Braveheart

What race are you interested in? That can help narrow names down.


Year 10 Day 248 18:43
There is always the random name generator in the rules pages dealing with character creation. Granted, not all the names it creates would be accepted, but it will give you an idea at least.


Year 10 Day 248 19:19
You can Try Wild. Kyria used it.


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Year 10 Day 249 4:13
Nick Dusk

I got a name that works! Nick Dusk....good enough. Thanks guys.