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Year 10 Day 248 14:55
Wedge Poliens

i need a faction that would stay in contact with me i dont know if it was possible for the factions i was in i really dont know what im doing at all so any help from any one will be welcomed and i hope i havnt started out on any ones bad side.


Wedge Poliens
Year 10 Day 248 15:44
Sephiroth Rhapsodos

well, any good faction should stay in contact with you, but it depends what you want to do. What are you interested in?



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Year 10 Day 248 15:51
Wedge Poliens

anything that involves flying a ship that i can own? and getting confirmation ill be off the starting planet soon. but i know things take time and also a thing about mIRC i tryed to regi for it and i crashed so i cant really use it.


Wedge Poliens
Year 10 Day 248 15:55
Ryan Roche

You should look in the RPG Centre > Positions Vacant forum instead.



Ryan's Arts Workshop
Year 10 Day 248 20:36
Zero Turner

If you use firefox you can download the add on;- "Chatzilla" which will allow you to use IRC.

I agree with Ryan, the best thing to do is to post on "Positions Vacant", many factions won't allow you to fly a ship to own, however many factions work with ship producers, thus you may be able to get a ship at a private price by being a member. ie. R-41 costs 700k on the public market, but may cost you 300k .

In regards to transportation, a faction will often send someone to pick you up and transfer you to your assignment. Keep in mind it still takes a bit of time to get there and to your drop off all depending. Best of luck.



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Year 10 Day 248 21:01
Wedge Poliens

thanks for the help im on an eta of 7 days to another planet now.

also ive fixed my problem with mIRC with a little help so i can use it now.

EDIT: just the above sentence.

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Wedge Poliens