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Year 10 Day 250 10:11
I'm not quite sure why my handle 'Tru Salvo' was not accepted... Can someone provide more feedback as to what needs changed? Thanks! :D

Year 10 Day 250 16:23
Wedge Poliens

its prolly too short and not enough letters to really declare it as a whole name to be accepted in the game.


Wedge Poliens
Year 10 Day 250 16:33
Xim Reyes

My handle is just as short.

It just depends on who's looking at the join requests at that time. They probably rejected it because the name looks like the phrase "true salvo". Try something without words that don't sound like names.

Year 10 Day 250 23:23
Length isn't a requirement for handles, as long as the handle contains a first and last name.

Are you sure you were declined for your handle? What exactly does the email say?


Year 10 Day 251 0:22
He was declined because his requested handle sounds like "true salvo" - a combination of real words, and not a name (as Xim suggested). I can state this with absolute certainty since I declined him. His slightly altered variation seems to have been accepted.


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