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Archives » application to join game declined?
Hope this is in the right place!!
I applied to join the game yesterday and got this message back.

Dear Junn Whitewater, The SW Combine Administration has declined your membership application providing the following reason : This IP has tried to apply with several handles at once. All requests are declined as we can not know which one is correct. Please apply again with only one request and be patient. Please make the necessary changes and try again. If you have any questions or queries feel free to post on the Problem Centre (http://www.swcombine.com/forum/index.php?board=2) or visit the help room on IRC (#swc-help). --The SW Combine AdministrationStar Wars Combinewww.swcombine.com

I am a little worried as I only applied once with that handle. whats gone wrong?

It means that there were two applications at the same time from your IP address. Of course you've only applied with that handle once, as you cannot apply with the same handle twice. However, it seems like there was another application (with a different handle and email address) from the same IP.

You should be able to re-apply with the same handle and email address. As long as there's only one application (and it's not a multi-application), there shouldn't be a problem.


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Okay thanks, Though now I am slightly worried as I only remember doing it once. Does it mean someone else tried using my IP without my knowledge??
Or have I just made a mistake?
Many thanks.

Year 10 Day 252 15:01
It's possible that you matched an IP with an existing player, and someone got the wrong option by accident (those two are right next to one another, and I know I've caught the wrong one myself on occasion). Do you know someone who already plays SWC who might have logged in from your connection before?


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No, I doubt any of my friends would be interested in online games (I hate to think what would happen if they found out I was!) :P
Still I was succesful with my next application so will join as soon as I get back home.
Thanks for everyones help!! :)