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Year 10 Day 253 11:45
i have been banned for a multi. i apologise. but i have been banned for a month now so i was just wondering who i contact to get un-banned

my multis are Bon Sael Malice Guntar and Kotaro Nemsigno..........

thank you

Year 10 Day 253 11:50
The Sim News post announcing your ban should include the information of how to get unbanned.


"May the Grace of Ara go with you, and His Vengeance be wrought upon your enemies."

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Year 10 Day 253 11:51
William Clark

You only get one character unbanned with a 10% deduction in credits (I'm sure on the first part but not completly sure on the second.)

Year 10 Day 254 4:50
there was not a sim news post i was looking for one that had my name and how to get unbanned but there wasn't one

Year 10 Day 254 5:07
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

Multi Bans (Posted by Avid Soyak on Year 10 Day 236)
Because you wanted to see them, well, here it goes. Since Day 219 to today, all these characters are banned. Single names are accidental multis, made without checking activation emails.
Please email for any questions. All bribes will be looked at as possible. I take a size 12US shoe, and can really use a new pair of wingtips.

Gunn Puto, Jix Swift
Luke Jman, Rynotuff Landonian
Rex Space, Axel Foile
Klavros Nattara, Purba Valk
Mark Hu, Selica Patric
Jihhg Ghhij, Jihhg Wolf
Dylan Secura, Sheridan Truth
Drelok Sangfrid, Garlin Sard
Den Chan, Chan Relka
Desiree Grace, Scarlette Jericho- Multi of Grimmwauld from year 8... Permanent Ban
Zekk Vesser, Victor Valentine
Zalikiya Tustaiyor, Kaleek Vrell
Motro Ripa, Motro Reeper
Bon Sael, Malice Guntar, Kotaro Nemsigno
Haydanic Higer, Haydanus Donnelly
Draven Droz, Draven Jax
Kodu Fall
Kyle Baltimore
Jango Gixg
Alanyl Wong, Zax Refute
Max Smith, Sarah John

Again, the rules are there for the reason of protecting the players. Read them, learn them, live them.
Edit: I'll be adding to this list it looks like....

Year 11 Day 228 9:30
Can someone here get Olbie Don unbanned my guardians won't let me email.