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Year 10 Day 261 10:46
Kendall Holm

If we have a prisoner locked in a room of a ship facil etc etc can the person request from an admin to be released. I am getting mixed reports that if I had say Prisoner Smith locked in my brig and after so long all he had to do is ask and say he was trapped and the admin can remove him from said entity. If this be the case it dont seem really fair. And it goes for the same thing for shields, there are IC reasons to detain people under shields.

Year 10 Day 261 10:48
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

I'm pretty sure that now they can request to drop their character instead.

Year 10 Day 261 17:14
Gitane Z Demone

While I was an Admin many a person lied about their arrest/lockdowned status to get moved. They had the option but chose to lie instead. If someone has gotten themselves moved out of your custody I suggest you contact an Admin to have it reversed. It is easy to find out if the person has lied to escape imprisonment via OOC means.



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Year 10 Day 261 18:12
Kendall Holm

Ok thanks Git that helped ... we were having an arguement about this and chose to do some research


Year 10 Day 263 2:39

A long time ago, players would be released/teleported when trapped for an extended period of time, since then, the character drop was made to be the actual/official way to "escape".


Year 10 Day 263 2:52
Zero Turner

I remember when prisoners were "teleported" out of trapped locations as well.
Seriously though, if they lie to the Admins to get out of a trapped situation is there also a penalty toward that person as well?



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Year 10 Day 263 16:31
Zeke Topanga

Well you would think lying to an Admin will, might get at least a minor punishment.