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Archives » Absent for a Bit, Now Stuck on a Ship
After an extended absence due to college work I returned to the combine to find myself on the ship I was assigned to, but I am no longer the operator. I cannot get in contact with the operator and have no way to exit the ship. I cannot even see where the ship is or any relative information about the ship's travel, destination or otherwise.

It boils down to: Someone please get me the hell off of this ship!

Thanks in advance.

Were you in a faction when you were assigned to said ship? If so, contact the faction leader with your issue. If that doesn't work, then the admins may have to step in.

I'll see what I can do about that then. I contacted the ship's new operator with no response. Thanks for the advice.

Just spoke to my room mate, someone more versed in the ways of the combine, and he said that the faction leader I was apart of is the owner of the ship. So if the faction leader is the owner this would mean that they are not getting back with me about this issue. How would I contact and admin then?

Owner =/ Operator (pilot)

Its likely that the current pilot of the ship is either inactive, or just away for a bit. DM the owner/leader directly - as a leader they should be fairly active and respond to you quickly. There should also be a contact owner button in the position interface if your not the pilot, just in case the leader is not the person who owns it now.


Yeah... already contacted the owner with no response and apparently I am not in the faction anymore. If I am not able to get back into things some time soon I won't bother.

Kaylin Sanguine

Know where the ship is? You could have someone come pick you up.

No idea. I can't see where the ship is or where it's going. Still no contact from the operator. Dunno what to do. If the operator could drop me off somewhere my room mate can come and pick me up, he's giving me a ship. Well, I'm heading to bed now. I will check back in the morning to see if I get any more input.

Thanks for the replies everyone, it's greatly appreciated.

How long ago did you contact him. If you sent him a message around the time you started this thread and haven't gotten a reply yet that's not too unusual. I'd wait a few days a tleast before giving up on it



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I have to agree with Mephiston. It often takes a little time to get responses due to the nature of the game and rl. Give it a few days, and then see what happens.

No, I sent the message two days prior to starting the post. I know all about gaming and real life... lol, I play world of warcraft. >.>

Well, thanks again... still awaiting a reply from someone.

Still stuck on this ship... emailed the admins... I'm gonna give it about a week.

I messaged the ship's owner again a couple of days ago with no response still. I emailed the admin when the issue first started. No response... Am I going to be stuck like this permanently? If so, is there at least a way to delete my account so I can start over, because I know multi-accounting is forbidden.