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Archives » Stastistical improbability or bug?
Year 10 Day 262 18:28
Over the last week or so I've attempted to upgrade several different doors from lvl 1 to lvl 2. Every single time I have failed completely. I know that this is possible, but I have a 45% chance of sucessfully upgrading such a door, yet this has not happened over the last 20 odd times I have attempted it. I have made lvl 1 doors when I got fed up, but still, cannot upgrade them or the other doors.

So is anyone else having issue with upgrading a door, or am I just on a seriously bad luck streak?


Year 10 Day 262 19:06
I've upgraded a couple of doors lately, and had no problems.

I did have a stretch for a couple of days where I couldn't upgrade a level 2 door to level 3 for love nor money. I took a break, ran an errand in another ship, came back... no problem.

I'm guessing it's bad luck, unless there's something that could be "sticking" so that if you fail it once you keep failing it?? Dunno if that's possible with the way it's done, but it's a thought.


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Year 10 Day 262 19:08
Hmm. Well I'll keep going at it for the moment. Wait until this little hyper trip is over and I switch to another ship.


Year 10 Day 263 15:35
Christian Hall

1 Year 10 Day 261, 10:13 You have failed to modify the Lock on the Ship, ******

same for me.

Year 10 Day 263 17:33
I'd call it just a statistical improbabilty. I myself have a 5% chance of upgrading from lvl2 to a lvl3 door but successfully got it on my 3rd try so just keep going and wear a hard hat.



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Year 10 Day 263 18:10
Yeah, managed to upgrade 2 doors and make another one in my last 3 tries. Stupid stupid probability...

On the other hand, making a post seemed to make it work.


Year 10 Day 263 18:32
You should hear the things I yell when I fail force training at 90%. =P

Year 10 Day 267 15:50
Umbeck Traxer

At least the rules state you have a chance. For 1 entire month I once sat on one piece of Rock terrain and scanned with my squad of FK-7s 2x a day.
Something like a 33% chance to find something attempted 60 times. I could NOT understand why I couldn't find anything.

Of course no where in the rules does it mntion that once you scan, you have zero chance of finding anything when you scan again unless someone else comes along that has a different calculation or % to scan, either 11 FK-7s or Groundhogs, or a different CompOps. When I learned that I was sooooo upset with the rules for not detailing that. At least I gained a few levels in the process....

Long sob story short, Perhaps the Doors are the same way? Maybe you need to exit the ship and enter again, or something to that extent? Re-roll the equation, if you will.

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Year 10 Day 267 22:36
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

Prospecting - not a lot of common sense there, eh...

Doors - you don't have to exit the room. Just keep trying.

Year 10 Day 267 23:08
Umbeck, see 2 posts above yours....