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Year 10 Day 263 8:31
Zeke Topanga

Hey, now when I try to NPC them together and I try to take off, I get the same message as before.

Then I exit the ship and re-enter again, but then the ships are still not NPC'd together.

Edited By: Zeke Topanga on Year 10 Day 263 15:38
Year 10 Day 263 8:36
Make sure you're set as pilot in inventory (it looks like you are, from the message, but check anyway). Exit the ship. Enter the ship again. Then you should be good to go.


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Year 10 Day 263 9:12
Zeke Topanga

Ok it worked. Thanks again Hal!


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Year 10 Day 264 1:36
Dear new player,
just take it easy and follow some basic rules:
- each new question 1 new thread
- put a sumery of your question in the title. This helps to keep track about the posts.
- don't delete/erase your first post that contains the original question once it is answered. This helps other new players that have the same problem.

Now to your new question:
I can not answer it since I don't know what you are asking for.


Year 10 Day 265 15:41
Caliburn Exorta

I actually believe Zeke is the 2nd life of Sim Wayfel. Not new.