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Year 10 Day 265 8:26

After registering, I recieved this email:

Dear Macha Hake,

The SW Combine Administration has declined your membership application providing the following reason :

Your joining application was rejected due to a number of factors making your application suspicious. Various elements pointed towards this account being wittingly or unwittingly used to violate our muti-account rules. It is possible that you share the IP address of an existing player, this is usually caused by already having an account or sharing a connection with an existing player, please contact multi-accounts@swcombine.com. Please contact us for further information regarding the rejection of your application or refer to the Character Creation rules page located at http://rules.swcombine.com/?Character_Creation for more information. 

To the best of my knowledge, my ISP (Alphawave Communications - alphawave.ie ) proxies connections (at the very least, I have great difficulty playing online games, and when checking speedtest's past results, there are loads that clearly aren't me, or my connection).

I went on the #swc-help channel, and was told to register again, and make a post in the Problem Centre, so here it is.

I can tell for certain that no one in my house has used this game before.

Year 10 Day 265 9:31
Macha Hake

This has been sorted out now.

Year 10 Day 280 12:53

I have the same problem and I am still trying to join.
I am getting frustrated because I have tried 3 times now.

Year 10 Day 280 13:17
1. Start a new thread for a new problem.

2. Give more detail.


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