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Year 10 Day 265 10:54
from guide:
There are many programs out there. For PCs the most popular is mIRC, which is available at http://www.mirc.com. The program is shareware, but can be used for free indefinitely.

from mirc.com

Thank you for trying out mIRC. mIRC can be downloaded freely and evaluated for up to 30 days. If after evaluating mIRC you find that you like it and wish to continue using it, you will need to register your copy.

How do I register mIRC?

You can register mIRC by clicking on the Register mIRC button on the right.

A single-user license costs US$20.00.

is not free indefinitely


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Year 10 Day 265 10:56
Its free b/c even after it expires you can still use it.. just ignore the warning


Year 10 Day 265 11:10
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

Free use for 1127 days and counting.

Year 10 Day 265 11:53
eventually you get 1 warning pop-up before you start it up but after a while you have to click through 2 of them. 710 days on this current one, thinking about re-installing though.


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Year 10 Day 265 12:14
Miranda and Pidgen both have IRC clients in them and are completely free, also come in a portable version. Trillian has both a free and a Pay version. Both can be rendered portable.

Mirc can also be rendered portable, though it can be a pain.

there is a firefox extension for IRC that is free as well.

If you wish I can try to find all the links to the different programs.


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Year 10 Day 265 16:01
Zero Turner

Chatzilla for firefox for using irc. It gets the job done



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Year 10 Day 265 19:49
Indeed with mIRC just keep clicking through the popups at the beginning. You may get one that forces you to close the program, but just start it up again and you can use it as before.


Year 10 Day 266 12:38
Or you can try downloading something else like IceChat. That's what I'm using right now.

Year 10 Day 266 13:20
Kendall Holm

or kvIRV which is a free opensource program that is mIRC equivalent. There is a lot of free programs out there. Just look for open source, it goes for any other software out


Year 10 Day 273 14:05
The latest versions of mIRC prohibit use without paying after the 30 days.


Year 10 Day 276 13:59
Not entirely true, [I can say that as a user of the latest version for more than 30 days]

When the 30 days have expired, you do get the same "Register" and "Continue" options with the continue option greyed out for the first 5-10 seconds as in the older versions, with which you simply click continue after it arrives.

You also get a couple of times when you get "Register" and "Exit" as your options - when confronted with this, I restart the program, [sometimes twice] and then get to the "Register" and "Continue" again