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Year 10 Day 267 14:19
Ceberus Natalus

what do you do to use a custom picture that you made and use it as your ship picture?

Year 10 Day 267 14:53
Ceberus Natalus

Does anyone know?

Edited By: Ceberus Natalus on Year 10 Day 267 15:54
Year 10 Day 267 15:54
Sephiroth Rhapsodos

you need 500 CPs, and then go to the CP page (can be accessed by the members menu under your exp level) and go down to the upload section. then you can type in the id of the ship, and give the urls of the small and large images. then it has to be approved by the art team before the CPs are taken if it's accepted.



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Year 10 Day 267 15:55
Ceberus Natalus

awesome thanks!

Year 10 Day 267 17:16
Are you sure it's not 250CPs?

Year 10 Day 267 17:23
"Private Images: Can only be used by you and costs 500 CPs."



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Year 10 Day 267 17:23
Ceberus Natalus

the 250 is for rp only items that are not usable. for 500 you just upload your custom pick if it is combine apropriate.

Year 10 Day 267 18:28
Philip, 250CPs if you use the frankly shoddy Public customs. Plus you only get the 100x100 as well with that, rather than getting a larger image with the private ones.