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Archives » Warning your door has been hacked!
Ezrakh Rhuk

The rules state: After a door has been successfully hacked, it is set to open and can be moved through. However, there is a 50% chance that the owner of the entity will receive a warning that one of their doors has been hacked.

I tried this five time and the owner (faction) did not receive a warning... great if I'm an infiltrator but I'm not. Has anyone else experienced this, seen the warning or know any more about it?

Ceberus Natalus

Well, that is bad luck... Go find a coin and start to flip it... You have a 50-50 chance of landing heads and tails... Now, what is the percent of landing heads 5 times in a row? 50-50! So you see, no matter what it is 50-50 and I beleive you are just currently suffering from bad luck.

I had a suggestion a while back that would've made that alert be dependent upon your skill. A crappy doorbreaker you would think would have a better chance at tripping an alarm.
A few people commented positively but never heard anything further about it. Oh well!

Now, what is the percent of landing heads 5 times in a row? 50-50! 

That's wrong, the chance to get 5 heads in a row is 3.125%. However, every time you flip the coin, the chance you get heads is 50%.

In this case, it's just bad luck.


Year 10 Day 268 10:46
Ceberus Natalus

Ahh yess minor slip of words, what I mean here is that after flipping 5 coins in a row and getting heads, the 6th coin you would think would be harder to land heads again, but statistically, it is still 50-50. So, just keep on trying, but this makes no sense because you are just testing the door... If somebody else does hack it...It will still be 50-50 for them if they suceed that you are even notified...

Year 10 Day 268 13:13
Kendall Holm

Plus also remember that computers are incapable of generating Random Numbers. In programming what they call a random number is nothing more than that of a Pseudo Random Number since it is generated by a formula and thus by that, the randomness is not very random and you will have a pattern which is very minute but it is still there.


Year 10 Day 272 14:54
Ezrakh Rhuk

So what format does the message take? Has anybody got an example of it?