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Archives » Perhaps I wasn't being clear
Year 10 Day 268 9:32
Great PR work guys,

Can you please answer my question? Why can Avid use it in a Sim News post where anyone else gets banned for saying it? That question was never answered.

Also, I was never "outright told" saying F%ck was unacceptable behavior, probably because the administration team here uses it so it would be as I stated previously: Double-standards.

If it isn't double standards, then I am forced to believe different administrators adhere to different rules.



Edited By: Aldric Renard Knox on Year 10 Day 268 9:32
Year 10 Day 268 9:37
IRC uses a separate set of rules, which is clearly defined in the MOTD each time you connect. We discussed that you violated the rules after I kicked you and well before you were banned for doing it again and akilled for your third offense, so I'm not sure why you appear to have selectively forgotten that--even assuming the kick alone wasn't sufficient in demonstrating that you were not behaving appropriately.

If you are looking for a place to swear unnecessarily, keep looking. There is nothing more to add on the subject, and if you continue to behave in such a manner when the akill expires, it will be permanent.



Year 10 Day 268 18:18
The topic title was changed, I'm content with my k-line now.