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Year 10 Day 269 13:32
Ok, so here's the question. When a character dies and their items are passed around, is it allowed to sell their next character items from their past character? I was told it was allowed if sold for it's current value, but wanted to be sure.

Year 10 Day 269 13:38
If you deliberately acquire something a previous character owned (or sell them back to a new character) then you should expect to get in trouble.


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Year 10 Day 269 13:57
Ok, that's why I was checking. Thanks.

Year 10 Day 269 15:23
Wedge Poliens

what was the question?

Edit:evan tho their answered id like to read the initial question other wise i just get confused.

Edited By: Wedge Poliens on Year 10 Day 269 15:24

Wedge Poliens
Year 10 Day 271 12:07
The basic question it allowed to sell your stuff, then die, recreate and buy back your stuff as your new char.


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