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Year 10 Day 270 19:02
Ryan Dune

Ok i own a YT-1300, and when i click the button "Enter Cockpit" all i get are the words

"No cockpit to see here!\n "

I dont see anything else expect those words. Which mean i cant lift my bird off the ground at all.

Year 10 Day 270 22:09
First things, are you actually in the Cockpit room? In IE in particular it doesn't refresh that link if you move in/out automatically - you have to manually refresh the page or go to another one. This means you could leave the cockpit and the link will still be there.

Its also possible that you are not the assigned pilot, so can see the link, but won't let you use it (though I think in that case you can open the page, you just cannot use any of the buttons there).


Year 10 Day 271 9:36
Kendall Holm

And if you are using IE I recommend you change ... this game uses a lot I mean a lot of FireFox Extensions


Year 10 Day 271 13:29
I have the same quirk going on. I am on the crewlist (not assigned pilot,commander/operator, or owner), but am able to enter the cockpit. When I navigate away from the display (by hitting the Forum, Rules or other buttons), then the Enter Cockpit button appears.

Hitting the Enter Cockpit button from that state creates "No cockpit to see here!\n". I use Firefox and it is up to date. This doesn't give any privileges that I am aware of, so I wouldn't be terribly concerned.

Edit:Leaving the cockpit seems to be the only way to remove the Enter Cockpit button.

Edited By: Mozinwrath Blackfrost on Year 10 Day 271 13:32

Year 10 Day 271 14:11
The button shows up for everyone. It's a known bug. Make sure you're actually the pilot.