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Archives » Still nothing... Stuck on the Ship
Year 10 Day 270 22:18
Okay... I am waiting until Sunday. I have sent multiple emails to two different contact addresses for the Admin and have posted here with no result. If I don't get off this ship by Sunday evening, I'm making another account, dual-account ban or not. I know this is a casual game, but you'd think people would be on the ball with these kinds of things...

Year 10 Day 270 22:30
Kaylin Sanguine

Great, now they know what IP to ban monday.

Look, if the ship belongs to an active player, and they're just ignoring you, then you aren't getting magically moved. You'll be able to drop the character eventually, I think, but that is about it. That would take 3 weeks of being trapped.

Year 10 Day 270 23:45
Zero Turner

Threatening to break the rules of the game just because you're not getting your way is not the way to go. Besides this is an IC issue, you got onto the ship so either you 1) Get off of the ship via the owner. 2) Use the 3 week drop character rule or 3) Keep complaining and break the rules then suffer a 30 (+) day ban



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If he's threatening to start a new character, I think he'd be fine dropping this one. And since he said he was inactive, I don't think the 3 weeks is an issue either.

I'm curious, Grove, as to exactly which e-mails you've been trying? Assistants@swcombine.com is the one you should probably be talking to. Politely and in detail is probably appreciated.


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I have been very polite, that was just me getting very, very irritated with the situation. I have emailed Assistants@swcombine.com twice, as I said, very nicely to explain the situation. When I joined I was, and still am, very green to the combine, but have been speaking to Penn a lot since he is my room mate. He said the faction I was apart of was the IR I believe and he said he thinks they dissolved... Whatever the situation, I'm not trying to be a jerk, I just want to play and get back into things. I really don't want to start a new character, but floating around in space with no help is... well.. a pain. I know the game mechanics are being worked out and all of that, but jeeze... I think by now I would have smacked down the pilot and took the ship myself. I just want on a planet so Penn can come and get me.

Sorry for seeming like a jerk, for lack of a better word, not my intention, just frustrated to the extreme. =/

Year 10 Day 271 10:50
I would advise sending another mail, rather than creating a second account (which would inevitably get you banned), especially if it has been a few days and you have not received a response. SWC has pretty heavy spam filters in place (and with good reason), so that may have prevented your earlier mail from getting through. Normally you should hear back within 2-3 days at most.



Year 10 Day 271 13:05
Okay, sending another mail after I post this. I don't wanna get banned, I just wanna get back into things and have waited over a week. Thanks for all of the help, I greatly appreciate it. =)