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Archives » Items carried by banned/dead character
Mika Noris

I have issue with some items i bought on NPC market quite a time ago.
I did believe, that character was dead, that's why items went into marketplace, however, when checking character's profile, it says, that the player was banned.

When looking into my inventory, instead of position, i can see that he's still carrying them - "Carried by Character: Zikaru Nikoshi"

Character: Zikaru Nikoshi (banned or dead)
Items IDs are:
ID# 779076
ID# 686138
ID# 641343
ID# 653995
(Some items are stored inside of other items)

Any hint what i'm supposed to do ? Is it a bug, which should be reported? Or there is other IC solution ?


Profile page is a big buggy at the moment, it's showing banned incorrectly for some people. Most likely his profile is hidden, and he is not banned. (However other combinations are possible).


"Clarr's a big mean jerk and he steals my lunch money and makes me cry."
Mika Noris

That's why i thought he's dead, at the first place - cause the items went to NPC market.
And i remember that some time ago, someone reported bug, where items where still stored in dead characters, without any chance to retrieve them....

Edit: Still looking for any hint how to solve this problem, as i do believe, that said character is dead.

Edit 2: Trying to assign an item to Zikaru Nikoshi, i'm getting communicat:

"The entity you have attempted to assign your assets to does not exist."

Edited By: Mika Noris on Year 10 Day 277 14:37