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Year 10 Day 272 15:33
Xortyph LoKebo

Collecting CPs has become to much of a hassle of late.
Sometimes, it is not even possible to decipher what they want entered.
I regret this very much, but what are we going to do?
Without, I guess.
I hope this does not hurt SWC.


Only the dead know the end of war.
Year 10 Day 272 16:01
You only actually HAVE to vote on the one site. Any of the others that's messed too much with the captcha, or messes their buttons so you can't spot the easy option, I haven't been bothering to vote for a while now.

I can understand the desire to keep free of bots, but you're quite right that it's becoming a little ridiculous.


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Year 10 Day 272 20:11
Me, personally, I click the link for all of them, but only vote for those that have a button or a drop down list. Those where you have to type in a code just takes too much time and I just shut the windows without doing anything. Its only the fidelity bonus at the end of the week that is effected by how much you actually voted I believe.