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Year 10 Day 273 19:26
William Clark

Just how many bonus fidelity CP's can you get if you click on every CP banner everyday..? I've been getting 1000 bonus..

Year 10 Day 273 19:46
1080 this time, 1090 is my max. Good question

Year 10 Day 273 21:41
I generally get 1,200, depending on if I miss one or 2 during the week. It should be the same as 190x7=1330, though some people have had slightly more than that somehow.


Year 10 Day 274 0:56
My maximum has been at 1,270 but usually doesn't go below 1090, depending on when I'm online.
The maximum you can get is very easy to determine:

number of topsite banners * number of days


Year 10 Day 274 6:15
William Clark

:( i still only get a 1000 when i click it every day

Year 10 Day 274 6:26
Sephiroth Rhapsodos

I'm the same. I just can't seem to get that many :S. Don't suppose there are any other sites we could have clicks to to help those of us that can't seem to get as many? lol.



Impossible is just a word people use to make themselves feel better when they quit!
Year 10 Day 274 6:43
I got 1270 many times, but lately I have only been getting 1200cp's or less. I am guessing it is because a lot of sites don't allow you to vote everyday if swc wins voting that week. Plus website problems.

Year 10 Day 274 7:16
I generally get 1,200, depending on if I miss one or 2 during the week. It should be the same as 190x7=1330, though some people have had slightly more than that somehow. 

That is odd. I only ever see 18 sites on that webpage. That limits me (and any others in this situation) to a maximum of 180x7 = 1260 CP weekly bonus. I actually never seem to get more than 1090 CP weekly bonus for some reason. I do click every banner religiously each day since I created my account.

Is there a 19th banner to click on some peoples' accounts?

Also, has anyone else noticed a considerable increase in performance in opening the new website windows in the last few days. My system used to lag badly waiting for that, but not anymore.

Year 10 Day 274 8:26
1270??? Don't you guys come across the 2-3 websites that don't allow you to vote?
The one that says *This site has won recently
and the one that loads blank white page..

and maybe another

Year 10 Day 274 9:01
I was under the impression that to receive the CPs - with the exception of the 'Top RPG' website which requires you to actually vote - the other sites only require you to click the banner button, regardless of whether the site is down or not and regardless of whether you actually vote or not? (I do vote wherever possible, as I want more players to come to SWC)

And yes, I do routinely come across several sites that are temporarily or permanently disabled, plus a couple that don't allow you to vote for some period of time due to recent activity. I think (hope) that you still get credited for those sites? Would hate to think that I was pushing buttons like a monkey, hoping a banana popped out of a slot somewhere!?

Year 10 Day 274 17:58
AH yeah, only 18. I keep forgetting that when I open all the links it shows 19 pages, but that also includes the SWC page.


Year 10 Day 275 3:14
I do hope you vote for SWC from time to time.


Sim Master Veynom

*** This post is written on 100% recyclable electrons. ***
Year 10 Day 275 3:52
I do hope you vote for SWC from time to time.

- Veynom

I pictured you saying that with these puppy eyes and I just feel horrible now for the times I 'may' not have voted sometimes in the past. I promise I will vote each click from now on - if anything it means more new members, and with it some freaky ones, ultimately making me look a little more normal over time.

But I really did feel bad when I read that >.>

Reminded me of that Ryan Roche you know, he made me feel bad there one time. Now he won't even talk to me, I think I clicked his buttons, instead of his banners :/


Year 10 Day 275 8:36
Oh indeed Veynom - hence the 1200 points I get in fidelity bonus...


Year 10 Day 275 9:45
I generally get 1,200

- Ellias Aubec

Oh no you didn't!!!!

You're comin' down with the rest of us!


Year 10 Day 275 11:15
Hmm, that makes me wonder how I got 1270 then ...


Year 10 Day 275 11:57
I suspect a conspiracy...

Year 10 Day 275 18:02
Ah ha! Thats how Togan has done it - he's hacking the server to give him a little extra CP that no-one would notice...


Year 10 Day 280 18:05
Year 10 Day 279,17:00 The Top Sites System + 1,270 Weekly banner click fidelity bonus

Not meaning to rub it in, but who says you cannot get 1270?

Year 10 Day 280 22:36
The conspiracy is broken

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