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Year 10 Day 274 10:11
Minz Night

I Cant Move In The Game I Dunno How Please Tell

Year 10 Day 274 10:13
Have you read The Guide? It's linked at the top of every page and should provide you to the answers to most of your initial questions.


Year 10 Day 274 13:57
Nick Dusk

I know these webmasters and admins tell you to read the guide and it helps but this is why we go here so here is the answer.

click on position on the right hand side of the screen under control. then a screen of the city should pop up and below there are 4 options; click on city. After that look on the map where to go put in the position in the X and Y, then press Go. Hope I helped.

Year 10 Day 274 14:21
Nick, if you give someone the answer, then they have to come here every time they don't know how to do something.

If you direct them to the Guide, and the rest of the rules, then they have the resources to find the answers for themselves, and don't have to come here, ask, and wait for an answer. It's quicker for them, and it's quicker for the rest of us not having to answer every question.

Understand WHY people are directed to the Guide, and you'll be doing the same, rather than answering questions that have answers in the guide. You're really not doing someone a favour by answering their question, rather than telling them where to get their own answers.


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Year 10 Day 274 14:38
Nick Dusk

okay. I understand now.

Year 10 Day 274 14:49
Like the old proverb:
Give a man a fish, he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish, he eats for life.