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Year 10 Day 276 22:48
Is the DST based on any actual StarWars ship?

Year 10 Day 276 22:58
search wiki for the dx-9 stormtrooper transport. I'm pretty sure that's what it's based off of, atleast where the image is based off of



Y15 D337 - The day a God was proven mortal

Year 10 Day 277 15:18
Ever play any of the ol' DOS X-Wing series? Transports abounded there. Made lovely explosions with the port or starboard little fins coming off and doing a barrel roll before blowing up.
DSTs are like that, old school

Year 10 Day 277 22:45
Interesting, good to know!

Year 10 Day 278 5:36
Yeah, go to 3:55 in this video.
A few transports getting blown up, and then a minute later attacking some Bulk Freighters. (p.s. that pilot is terrible....)
The game came out in 1993 and as far as I know it was the first time Transports were used. Back in that game though they weren't called Stormtrooper Transports, they were just Transports, or TRN. Later on they took that name, so to me at least it makes sense that they AREN'T called Stormtrooper transports here