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Year 10 Day 278 10:35
Christopher Eagles

If I join a ship faction and assign them manager of my factory, when I start production does the operator/owner (me) have to stay in the ship building faction or can I swap back and it keep producing?




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Year 10 Day 278 11:05
Kendall Holm

no ... I do this all the time what I do is assign to them, go on board as the op and start the build, once it is started I leave the faction


Year 10 Day 278 17:44
I believe you need an operator that is in the faction the shipyard is assigned to. So you would ahve to assign the shipyard to someone in the faction, probably the leader to avoid complications. Otherwise the production will pause I believe.


Year 10 Day 278 17:49
Kendall Holm

no it isnt like that ... once it is started the Operator can leave the Faction and go else where. When I built my bulks I went over to the Faction Started one and queued the other and I left the ship making faction with assigning it to some one else and both ships were constructed without incident and I owned the yard


Year 10 Day 278 21:31
Exactly when Kendall said, after you start production on it, you can leave the faction. I've done this before.

Year 10 Day 278 22:29
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

Yup, you just can't remove the manager. (Though if you set a queue, the operator must be a member by the time the next ship gets started up.)