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Year 10 Day 278 14:30
I've beeen having some difficulties connecting and the mIRC forum suggested that I try to connect to the SWC server with the IP address instead of the domain name. Is there anyway I could get the IP?


Year 10 Day 278 21:27

But depending on the problem you'd likely have better luck trying a different port or ensuring IRC isn't being blocked by your firewall.



Year 10 Day 280 0:24
What port would you suggest for a connection at a university? I know of one guy that was able to get through with port 1080, but it didn't work for me.


Year 10 Day 280 12:37
Open Ports: 1080, 5000, 5555, 6660-6670, 8080



Year 10 Day 280 13:48
My university last year ended up blocking every port except 80 for the internet, so the only thing that worked was using a CGI client hosted on a website. Google should help you find an open one where you can change the server to connect to.

Year 10 Day 280 16:03
Christopher Eagles

port 8000 is another popular one, especially when using netsweeper filters.



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Year 10 Day 281 6:14
Ryan Roche

Well I'm trying to log into mIRC but I fail. Every time I click on connect it immediately disconnects, saying "dns pool" next to it. Is it for everyone or just me?



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Year 10 Day 281 14:07
Kendall Holm

DNS pool is not an error. It means that your IP is assigned at random from a pool, nothing to be concerned about. We need to know more about the problem any other messages or what not


Year 10 Day 290 21:45
Can you tell how to fix a session limit? I'm using the online client Mibbit to connect, but more often than not I'm blocked because of a session limit.


Year 10 Day 291 0:43
It's nothing you can fix since Mibbit connects all of its users through the same IP. Most IRC servers have a session limit that prevents too many connections from the same IP (as usually one is sufficient).

We highly suggest you use a different downloadable client (e.g. mIRC, XChat, ChatZilla) to connect or use the java IRC client provided by SWC.