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Year 6 Day 307 15:45
Barron Crial

Hi , i have a problem, i'm in my ship a little out side of Endor, and i cant go into hyperspace due to a gravity well...

I'd like to leave but i cant, any way to help me? Thanks in advance


Theres a snake in my boot.
Year 6 Day 307 15:53
Jeff Gordon

couldnt u just go sublight out of the gravity well then hyper

Year 6 Day 307 17:22
Barron Crial

No i tryed that, it seems to be the whole system of Argibob


Theres a snake in my boot.
Year 6 Day 307 18:36
There should be somewhere in that system where there is no gravity wells. Fly somewhere that is not red.

Year 6 Day 307 22:31
Cockpit > Travel > Sublight

The red areas on the map are the areas covered by the gravity wells, all other areas are free of gravity wells. There's a whole lot of unaffected space along the top of the system and a big chunk on the bottom.

Edited By: Khan on Year 6 Day 307 22:31

Kids these days!
Year 6 Day 308 17:57
Barron Crial

Oh , thank you


Theres a snake in my boot.